Ex-stockbroker works to explore people’s relationship with finance


The San Diego Union – Tribune, Jan 17, 2003; Kelly O’Connor;

Dr. Tom Manheim

DEL MAR — Everyone experiences loss in some form. Only some, however, choose to learn from it.

When Thomas Manheim almost lost his son Derek in a bicycling accident, he saw it as a wake-up call. He wanted to make a different life for himself. One in which he could help others connect their everyday lives with their spirituality.

Although he was scared at some level, Manheim took a “leap of faith.” He left his successful 18-year career as a stock broker and became a “money therapist.”

“My goal is to help people use money to fulfill their passion,” said Manheim, a former vice president of investments for PaineWebber and Smith Barney.

As a financial adviser, Manheim knows the financial secrets and fears that people harbor. He has seen spouses hide money from each other and watched as people became obsessed with financial gain.

“Money is the last taboo that we have to deal with,” Manheim said.

He helps expose money issues by combining the knowledge that made him one of the top brokers at both companies with his newly acquired skills as a licensed family marriage therapist.

In group classes and individual sessions, Manheim helps break through common misconceptions, such as money brings happiness, and helps people better understand their relationship with money.

“I want people to become more aware of how they utilize their money,” he said.

And with people who may be chasing the dollar to find peace of mind, Manheim, a Del Mar resident of 16 years, discusses their money history and spending habits.

“We all have to earn money, but we would like that to be going toward something we enjoy,” Manheim said.

With his “Money and Soul” workbook and classes, he helps people balance between materialism and spirituality. He leads them in the process of discovering how and why money affects lives in negative ways and how that can be reversed.

The title alone has drawn many people to Manheim’s workshops. For instance, Michele Reasman, a 51-year-old massage therapist, came across it while thumbing through the San Dieguito Adult School class catalog and was intrigued.

“The coupling of money and soul is very unusual,” Reasman said.

The course, however, has changed her life and allowed Reasman to take her own leap of faith. She left a job with an established company to pursue her own massage practice.

With some financial understanding and advice, Reasman has been able to make the gradual change that has left her with more time and energy. Before she took the “Money and Soul” class, Reasman was afraid to leave the job, which she had outgrown, because of financial concerns.

“Confidence and knowledge helped me redirect my focus from the fear to the faith,” Reasman said.

It was then that she understood the connection between money and soul.

Manheim’s next “Money and Soul” class begins Jan. 30 at 990 Highland Drive in Solana Beach. Class size is limited to 12.

He also teaches classes through University of California San Diego Extension. For more information, call (858) 720-1133.

Credit: Scott Linnett / Union-Tribune

Jan 17, 2003

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