Money and Soul: Workshops I

Money and Soul: Workshops

Money and Soul I Curriculum

Completion of this course will give you the practical tools to positively improve your relationship with money.


Week 1:
Money History Exercise
20 questions designed to identify common themes and patterns with money that may have been repeated over generations in the participant’s family.
Week 2:
Personal Money History
Participants will interview two living relatives regarding their ancestors’ history with money and to provide a detailed description.
Week 3:
Money Line
This exercise helps participants recall significant money experiences that had a significant physical, emotional, or mental impact on their lives.
Week 4:
Money Attractions
Develops a better understanding of the kind and quality of energy that we direct at money in different circumstances.
Week 5:
Money Tree
Teaches about aspects of our “shadow side,” which may occasionally seep out of our subconscious and reappear when we are stressed, fearful, angry, or emotionally reactive.
Week 6:
The Money Scale
The goal of this exercise is to learn from past behaviors with money so we can assess whether to replicate them in the future.
Week 7:
Money Cycle and Money Equilibrium
The Money Cycle exercise helps determine how we use money to fulfill our desires. Money Equilibrium helps us review our divisions between the material and spiritual worlds.
Week 8:
Money Giving
Participants will learn firsthand about themselves in an outside-the-classroom experiential exercise.
Week 9:
Money Truth
Participants will pair up to speak their truth with money.
Week 10:
Money Emotions and Money Relationship
Identifying the root causes of certain reoccurring, emotionally driven situations with money can provide us with greater control of our financial lives. By identifying people whose actions with money we respect, we reveal something about who we are with money.
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