Money and Soul: Workshop III

Money and Soul III Curriculum

This course assists you in becoming a master of your finances. You learn the application of how to manage your money, to have money work for you, and an in-depth knowledge of how to intelligently speak/manage all varieties of financial professionals.

Empowerment and Execution

Participants access and identify their financial ethics, values and goals. Applications of newly acquired/adopted individual money values are expanded to include the knowledge of financial planning and investing. Participants learn how to begin to manage their own portfolios or create one if none in place. Aspects of saving, budgeting, gifting, of money are discussed. Participants learn the right questions to ask their financial advisors, how to shop for advisors, and manage their investment advisors.

Participation in this class requires previous completion of the Money and Soul I and II courses. This course is devoted to preparing participants to transmute aspects of their relationship with money that no longer serve them. Class emphasis is on instituting positive change with money. Participants explore new methods of utilizing money that align with their higher selves and learn to create a simple quasi-investment policy statement depicting how they would like to utilize money in their lives. Participants also develop a mission, vision, and purpose statement for their money and identify worthy causes that represent the spiritual use of money for them.


Weeks 1 & 2:
Money, Ethics and Morals
Examines money dilemmas that participants wish that they had handled differently, possibly having erred in choosing personal gain instead of what was best for the collective. Participants define their moral and ethical stance with money.
Weeks 3-5:
Developing a Simple Money Policy Statement
Week 3: Participants assess their risk tolerance, that is risks they willing to take on. Week 4: Discussion of the importance of an SMPS; participants being to develop the policy. Week 5: Sharing of ideas regarding inclusion and exclusion of material for the SMPS.
Weeks 6-7:
Self Empowerment With Money
Learn practical financial applications that suit your values. Know what questions to ask so that you manage financial people (bankers, stockbrokers, accountants) instead of their managing you.
Week 8:
Analysis of Existing finances
Participants conduct an analysis of their financial situation: assets, debts, and vision of where they want to be in the future. They then work backward to see the reality of their financial situation and learn to make adjustments as they may chose.
Weeks 9-10:
Values and Goals
Financial goal setting and learning how to talk comfortably about money are discussed. Further completion of your vision for your finances as originated from your true self are put onto paper and how to talk to loved ones about your financial affairs is explored.
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