Money and Soul: Workshop II

Money and Soul II Curriculum

A deepening of your understanding of how you relate to money allowing you to expand your use of a wider range of practical tools to transform and enrich your relationship with money.


Alignment and Integration of Financial Beliefs and Practical Action

This workshop concentrates on finishing the financial exploration process where participants learn how to overcome any remaining money hindrances, and transform them into awareness’s which support the participant in future financial endeavors. The practical nature of being responsible with money is mastered along with how to have money work for you. The integration and alignment of powerfully self-created financial values along with the tools of practical application result in participants living a balanced financial life of well-being.


Participation in this class requires that you have previously taken the Money and Soul I course. The first 5 weeks continue and then wrap up the self-awareness with money exercises of the first class. The second 5 weeks assist the participant in beginning positive change in their lives with money.

Week 1:
Assessment of Lifestyle & Material Desires
This exercise allows the participants to discover whether what drives them to make money is working.
Week 2:
Simplicity Exercise
Participants will interview two living relatives regarding their ancestors’ history with money and to provide a detailed description.
Week 3:
Money Losses and Gains
Recaptures meaningful experiences with financial loss and profit upon which participants can build.
Week 4:
Awareness of Money Personality
Participants explore who they are in relationship to money, identifying fears, judgments, criticalness, etc., and analyze whether or not these actions with money serve them.
Week 5:
Assessing Your Budget
Participants determine how they spend money and track they spend money over a 1-week period.
Week 6:
Spiritual Use of Money
Participants explore their philosophy toward philanthropy, giving, and utilizing money for others.
Week 7:
Creating Your Financial Future
Participants visualize possible scenarios for their future with money.
Week 8:
Money Integration
This exercise is oriented to the specific changes that participants want to make in their life regarding money.
Week 9:
Cognitive Behavioral Exercise
Participants learn about the use of positive thought and the mind in creating desired change with money.
Week 10:
Money and Spirituality
Participants identify ways to utilize their money that are more closely aligned with the higher self and explore avenues of service that might resonate with them.
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