Financial Planning & Psychotherapy

Defining Yourself, Your Financial Future and Your Purpose


Planning a financial future coupled with psychotherapy equips individuals and couples with insight into what their highest consciousness (soul) believes are the most fulfilling choices.

In this personalized financial planning session, Dr. Tom Manheim of Money & Soul uses psychotherapy to reach specific awareness of what you would like to accomplish in your life. Through personalized financial coaching, he helps you discover ways to attain your goals and efficiently manage your money to support your vision.

Some questions he’ll ask you during the planning sessions include:


  • What is your life purpose?
  • What do you secretly want to accomplish in this lifetime?
  • In your marriage, are you in agreement regarding your joint plans for retirement?

Alignment of money and soul can create a concise blueprint of how to organize and live your financial life. Each person has a reason for living their life and the better this is expressed by their profession, values, and mission, the more satisfied with their life they may become.

Dr. Tom Manheim, a licensed psychologist, provides financial counseling and money planning services in San Diego, Ca. Contact Money & Soul today to schedule your personalized financial planning and psychotherapy session and work with a professional to get focused money management advice.

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