Financial Counseling

Financial Counseling Sessions


In these financial counseling sessions with a licensed psychologist and former financial adviser, married couples and individuals identify what is most important with their finances and money based on their own true self, then achieve those goals! These financial counseling sessions with a licensed psychologist can have added benefit for both individuals and couples facing finance issues in their marriage.

Self-discovery and change, which occurs with exploration of your relationship with money, is transformative. With financial counseling you are able to work with material from the subconscious surrounding money behaviors and help realign financial values, beliefs, and attitudes.

Individuals and married couples who have worked with Dr. Tom Manheim through his financial counseling sessions report improved financial communications, united financial goals and vision, and less tension in marriages and relationships involved with all aspects of money.

Dr. Tom Manheim, a licensed psychologist, provides financial coaching and money counseling services in San Diego, Ca. Contact Money & Soul today to schedule your personalized financial planning and psychotherapy session and work with a professional to get focused money management advice.

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