Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching with a Licensed Psychologist


Get the Financial Results You Want.

Financial Coaching is designed to increase your awareness within an area of your monetary life that you would like to master. Dr. Tom Manheim is a professional financial planning coach and licensed psychologist who supports, encourages, and inspires you to your goal of financial self-improvement.

Weekly contact either by phone or in individualized financial counseling sessions with Dr. Tom Manheim who is an expert in money and psychology sets this service apart from other financial planning and money management services. Through Financial Coaching, Tom works individually with you to target your personal financial goals.

Financial Coaching is a great follow-up after taking the Money and Soul workshops or for those already clear with their financial planning goals and need a step-by-step support structure to help define and monitor their progress through their personal financial coaching.

Dr. Thomas Manheim, a licensed psychologist, provides money counseling and financial planning services in San Diego, Ca. Contact Money & Soul today to schedule your personalized financial planning and psychotherapy session and work with a professional to get focused money management advice.

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