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About Dr. Tom Manheim:
Former Financial Advisor, Licensed Psychologist & Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


Real-World Financial Experience

Tom Manheim brings a unique understanding of finance and psychology to his coaching and therapy sessions. Working on your relationship with money requires the guidance of someone with practical, real-world financial experience who is a trained financial advisor.

Tom has worked with individual clients and couples as a financial advisor and planner in San Diego, Ca., managing their money over long periods of time. During his previous 18-year career as a professional money manager, he managed individual’s portfolios with assets of $175 million.

Tom was a licensed financial advisor planner and offers financial coaching with the expertise and from the perspective gained from managing other people’s money. The author of two published books on the psychology of money, Dr. Tom Manheim has developed an innovative approach to individuals’ psychological issues regarding money.


  • He understands the risk of market volatility, the need for clearly stated personal financial goals, and the inner workings of money.
  • Conflict of interest is a problem when seeking objective financial planning advice. Tom doesn’t manage money nor receive any kick-backs from referrals. He has no vested interest in how clients eventually deploy their money but acts as an objective third party.


Licensed Psychologist

After practicing within the arena of financial therapy, Dr. Tom Manheim soon discovered a need for a deeper understanding of individual’s psyche and their true selves in relationship to money. He then dedicated himself to in-depth 5-year study to develop practical financial/psychological applications to serve individuals and couples in San Diego with their personal financial challenges as a licensed psychologist.


  • The person you work with needs knowledge of the inner workings of the mind. Being able to utilize psychology regarding finances and money is essential if you plan to create positive change in your life.
  • Tom spent the last four years conducting research for his PhD. in psychology on the interaction of materialism and the spiritual use of money to produce sound financial coaching and advice.
  • You require a licensed professional money manager with the most up-to-date understanding of the workings of money, its applications, and how it can serve you in personal finance and money management. You deserve to work with a person who is devoting his life to furthering humanity’s quest to utilize money as it was originally intended.


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